The effects of proper lighting on your expenses and incomes

The effects of proper lighting on your expenses and incomes

Hiányzó üzletvilágításJust imagine the situation when your store goes dark due to a power outage. The whole place goes black and you can’t see anything, not the products, not even the shelves. The many colorful, desirable and extraordinary products quickly become dull and average.

Imagine yourself walking into an outlet center where the store lighting consists of a single neon fluorescent tube strapped on the ceiling 4 metres above our heads. Not to mention it’s dull dark green color. It is not a color that you want to have on your products. How tempted are you to spend your money at this place? You already know the answer.

The proper lighting of your store is essential if you want to make a good impression on your customers. Should you not give this matter the required attention, your income may experience a 10-20% loss at an annual basis. This could means thousends of euros for you, which is not acceptable.

The improper choice of the lighting bulbs could also mean that you need to spend  thousands of euros on replacing the broken and worn out parts. The key is to find the balance between energy saving, getting quality items to work with and the proper lighting of your products at the store. Pontlight is a company which specialises in these problems and helps you out.

The regulations of the lighting of stores in the EU

Üzletvilágítás EU előírásokThe strict rules of the EU apply to the lighting of stores as well. Only those lamps can be used in the stores of Hungary that meet the quality standards set by the EU. The products of the far East are generally cheap but usually do not meet these requirements, thus they can not be used legally. The products of the West are usually of higher quality but are generally expensive. If your business is just starting, you may experience financial difficulties, since you have to make serious investments.

Pontlight produces lighting bulbs and accessories at Turkey. These parts meet the requirements of the EU and they are also cheaper than the products of the West. The company can ensure that you get the same quality but at a considerably lower price.

Energy saving on the field of lighting

Due to the increasing price of energy and the continuous development of technology, the traditional halogen bulbs are starting to fall back against the finer LED lamps. These lamps provide the same ammount of lighting with much less consumed energy.

However, the color of the LED lamps can sometimes be unpleasant to the human eyes. The traditional halogen lamps did not have this effect. Many of the far east’s LED lamps emit an unpleasant dark green color. Your products will seem much less desirable under these colors and the efficency of the lighting of your store will decrease.

 MG 0821

The lamps of Pontlight provide the same warm light of the halogen bulbs with much less consumed energy and a longer lifespan.

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