LED - a new milestone in the history of retail lighting LED - a new milestone in the history of retail lighting

LED - a new milestone in the history of retail lighting

LED luminaires for commercial use have been available for 10 years. Since then they have improved a lot and their brightness has been continuously increasing. LED luminaires are rapidly gaining the upper hand against traditional lamps. In the past few years, brightness provided by a LED lamp doubled every 18-24 months.

LEDs have a low rate of energy consumption and their lifespan is much longer than the that of any kind of lamp before them. No wonder that LEDs are used almost everywhere now. For instance, the government of the US has prescribed that by the end of 2005 every traffic lighting must have LED ligt source- they must be working at every hour of the day.

Advantages of LED lighting

While traditional lamps have an average lifespan of 1000 hours, LEDs are able to provide 100000 working hours before they are worn out. It is quite possible that your store may never have to change the lighting bulbs if you are using LED. The energy concumption of an LED is lower than that of any lamps before. Also, the installation depth of an LED luminaire relatively is small, so they provide the same energy output with a more compact size.

And it is not only the lifespam: LED luminaires are environmentally friendly considering the materials used for manufacturing them. They don’t contain mercury, which is commonly used in energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps. It is important from the aspect of environment safety as well, that the efficiency of an LED is 9 times better than that of traditional lamps.

LEDs in retail lighting

At the monent, wide-spectrum white light can be generated in two different ways by LED lamps:
1. By mixing certain rays. With this technique, technicians are able to adjust and create certain colors by placing a red, blue and green LED bulb in a special capsule and adjusting the ammount of those components.
2. Using a phosphor coating. Energized photons, emitted from a blue LED lamp collide with the phosphor coating and this is emitting white light. This can be used to create certain colors of the spectrum. Today, in retail lighting this is the most commonly used solution.

LED - a new milestone in the history of retail lighting

If a metal halide lamp has been used in your shop, you may have already experienced clothes and fabrics will slowly start to fade with time just as if they were exposed to direct sunlight. Using LED lamps has the advantage of not damaging clothes and fabrics, so they will not fade at all!

Just imagine that you could highlight your products in your shop with an artificial light closest to clear, natural sunlight. LED lamps work with great efficiency, so they don’t generate much heat. Almost none. There is no wasted energy while using LED lamps. This way, your electricity costs stay at a reasonable level making you savings every day.

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