LED luminarires - new star of retail lighting LED luminarires - new star of retail lighting

LED luminarires - new star of retail lighting

LED luminaires have been becoming more and more commonly used in retail lighting in the past few years. What is the reason for it’s continuously rising popularity?

LED lamps are successful mostly due to their high energy saving feature. This exceeds any previous lamps.

When talking about retail lighting – or any other field of lighting engineering – the brightness of a light sources is given by the lumen/watt ratio. This number shows how many lumens of brightness will a lamp provide while consuming 1 watt of energy. The chart below shows the brightness of the most common commercially used light sources.

Traditional incandescent lamp

10 – 15 lumen/watt

Halogen lamp

20 – 25 lumen/watt

Compact fluorescent lamp

50 – 65 lumen/watt

Fluorescent lamp

60 – 80 lumen/watt

Metal halide lamp

70 – 80 lumen/watt

LED lamp

100 lumen/watt

As you see, LED lamps can provide up to 10 times the brightness of traditional lighting bulbs while consuming the same ammount of energy. It also exceeds the efficiency of the metal halide lamps by 20 percent that are so widespread in retail lighting.

You can reduce energy consumption in your store by 20 percent by replacing metal-halide lamps with LED. It is a good investment in long term.
Another advantage of LED lamps is that they don’t generate almost any heat. Other lamps produce a considerable ammount of heat, which needs to be compensated with appropriate cooling in the summer. Using LED can reduce the costs of air-conditioning in your store.

Although LED lamps are somewhat more expensive, calculations and experience indicates the investment will return in 18 months time. After this, the difference from electricity bill and the maintenance costs remains in your wallet.

LED doesn't damage fabrics- clothes will not fade.

It is not commonly known, but this is one of the biggest advantages of LED lamps in fashion stores. The light of metal-halide lamps contain UV light that is damaging to textile and clothes. They fade out clothes and textiles in 1-2 months time, just as if they were placed on direct sunlight. These damaged clothes may not be appropriate to sell anymore, which will come as a financial loss.

It never occurs us if we use LED. The clothes will keep their original colors and quality even after several weeks of time. They will still look good, without any color change.

Types of LED luminaires

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