Recessed lights in retail lighting Recessed lights in retail lighting

Recessed lights in retail lighting

Recessed lights became popular in stores where lights are placed in the drop ceilings. The advantage of recessed lights is that they are almost hidden in the ceiling, matches minimalist and modern design quite well and does not draw away attention from the products.

Using recessed lights has become quite popular in retail lighting over the years.

Recessed lights can have a general or spot light, the latter meaning having a focused beam. While installing recessed lights with focused beam check how much the light can be rotated. This feature helps us to direct the beam to the place you want to attract attention.

Whien choosing recessed lights pay attention to the available space above drop ceiling!

Recessed lights with a compact fluorescent lamp are most commonly used in fitting and storage rooms since the light spectrum of these rooms are not really appropriate for highlighting products.

When designing the light in your shop, pay attention to place resecced lights to appropriate places according to the interior design, as it is difficult to relocate them.

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