Spotlights in retail lighting Spotlights in retail lighting

Spotlights in retail lighting

It is possible that you may want to focus on a specific product or group of products more in your shop. This can be easily done by using spotlights. For this reason, they are much more common in commerical than in residential use.

Spot lights don’t scatter light, instead, they focus it on a small area, they highlight or accent something.

The most important feature of spotlights is the angle at which they spread the beam. Mostly, this angle is between 15 and 60 degrees. Spotlights with a narrow angle light up a smaller area only, but with strong brightness, so it accents the place or product you want. Spot lamps with a wider angle cover a greater area but with less brightness.

There are 2 major type of spotlights:

1. Tracklights
Tracklights can be relocated from one track to another or move to a different place easily. This way it can focus more or less light on a certain product, can highlight products depending on our needs. Pontlight Ltd. offers metal-halide and LED luminaires of this type.
2. Recessed spotlights

Recessed spotlights can not be moved, however, you can rotate them. Use of these lights are recommended if you never re-arrange the shelves and furnitures in your shop. This type is most commonly used in drop ceilings and lower interior height. The luminaire's body is well hidden from the costumers, which is an advantege, as, if properly installed, it provides a clean look on the ceiling.

Every spotlight has a reflector, which is an important part of the luminaire. This focuses the beam. It is very important that the reflector is made of material that doesn't fade and doesn't lose of its reflectiveness in long term.

Should you decide to use spotlight to lighten your store, you can find our collection at the links below:

Spot light

LED spot light

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